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“Watson” Cocreator Examines Responses to Intelligent Non-Humans

December 10, 2012

Author, inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil, who spoke at the 2004 IDEAS Boston conference, has a new book, where he asks readers to treat intelligent non-humans as equivalents to human beings.

The Boston Globe reviewed HOW TO CREATE A MIND: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed on Saturday, December 8.

The review reads, in part:

“Much of his latest book focuses on trying to persuade readers to abandon long-held beliefs about the unique value of the human mind (or soul, though that doesn’t come up much). ‘Biological substrates are wonderful — they have gotten us very far,’ Kurzweil writes, ‘but we are creating a more capable and durable substrate for very good reasons.'”

Watson, the artificial intelligence entity that faced off against human opponents on Jeopardy!, is also mentioned in the book. Kurzweil was one of Watson’s creators.

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