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IDEAS Boston 2011: Sessions Three and Four

October 20, 2011

Here are some more Twitter posts from our IDEAS Boston audience members:

maplabmap-lab architects

#ideasBoston It goes without saying but Tom Ashbrook is an amazing moderator at @IDEASBoston
Kate Becker
kmbeckerKate Becker

The next big thing, according to Andrew Lippman: technology that interacts with the physical environment. #ideasboston
devincoleDevin Cole

#ideasboston “We were born to be endurance athletes.” — Daniel Lieberman. Let’s all go running people! We’ll live longer!
stefanlanferStefan Lanfer

#ideasBoston the fashion paradox – I want to be original (my style!) but I also want to be in the herd – Jeannie suk
devincoleDevin Cole

#ideasBoston FAFSA form is long + confusing. It’s so bad it impedes students who’d like to access higher ed. — Bridget Terry Long
maplabmap-lab architects

#ideasBoston the Boston Typewriter Orchestra rocking out to take us into the homestretch!
map-lab architects
maplabmap-lab architects
#ideasBoston Elliot Davis shows how @mfaboston displays are contextualized to better display art and objects
stefanlanferStefan Lanfer

#ideasBoston Agosin opening, “I come w/o powerpoint iPhone blackberry, but with the most powerful tool – a voice”
Scott Kirsner
ScottKirsnerScott Kirsner

We are all kinda surprised that MIT alum & defensetech entrepreneur Nathan Ball is teaching us to beatbox at #ideasboston

Didn’t think we’d see the inside of anyone’s throat/brain today. We were wrong. #bootsncats #ideasBoston

stefanlanferStefan Lanfer

#ideasBoston I want to learn to choose to see more possibilities in every situation – final word from Nathan Ball
Stefan Lanfer
stefanlanferStefan Lanfer

#ideasBoston Darryl Collins PhD 40% of world lives on $2/day or less
maplabmap-lab architects
#ideasBoston thanks to @IDEASBoston for an amazing and inspiring day!
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