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Meet 2011 IDEAS Boston Speaker Lawrence Lessig

August 19, 2011

Having spent much of his career exposing the illusion of copyright law’s action, Lawrence Lessig’s current work in institutional corruption probes the decisions of institutions who gamble public trust on failed wars and special interests. Lessig, a professor at Harvard Law School, directs the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University and champions the necessity of democratic citizenship through his leadership of the Fix Congress First movement. He also serves on the boards of Creative Commons, MAPLight, Brave New Film Foundation, Change Congress, The American Academy, Berlin, Freedom House,, and the advisory board of the Sunlight Foundation.

Before rejoining the Harvard faculty, Lessig founded Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society and was Professor of Law at the University of Chicago. He clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and Justice Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court. Among his achievements are the Free Software Foundation’s Freedom Award and being named one of Scientific American’s Top 50 Visionaries. Lessig holds a BA in economics and a BS in management from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in philosophy from Cambridge, and a JD from Yale.

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