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CyPhy, flying robots, cleared for take-off

February 8, 2010

Boston Globe columnist, Scott Kirsner, is reporting that 2009 IDEAS Boston Speaker Helen Greiner has raised first round venture capital to the tune of $1.75 million for her start-up robotics firm, CyPhy (formerly The Droid Works, Inc.).  Typically, VCs shy away from government contracting businesses but the partnership between General Catalyst and the Framingham based robot shop appears to be an exception for two reasons.

Following the sale of BBN Technologies, General Catalyst is confident that it has gained the relationships and knowledge required to help build such a company into a successful enterprise.  Dr. Greiner, as well, has demonstrated significant business savvy through the explosive revenues of iRobot and in her work with the Robotics Technology Corporation, forming strategic alliances and guiding the evolution of the robotics industry as a whole.

Managing director at General Catalyst and the newest board member at CyPhy, John Simon, addressed the investment.   Simon asks himself: “Do we get inspired by an entrepreneur? Can they paint a vision that we get excited about, that this could be something big and game changing?”

Seriously, who doesn’t get excited about flying robots?

See Helen Greiner’s recent IDEAS Boston presentation at and let us know what you think!


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