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IDEAS Boston Goes Virtual

October 25, 2009

IDEAS Boston is going “virtual” in 2009, focusing on our electronic audience in lieu of our traditional in-person event.  This is in part an effort to keep expenses low in a challenging financial environment, but also a strategic decision to reach a larger and more geographically diverse audience.

While the format is new, the core elements of IDEAS Boston remain the same.  We are still showcasing an amazing group of speakers, some well-known and others emerging leaders in their field.  We are still presenting cutting-edge ideas in succinct 20-minute talks.  We still work to identify innovation in every conceivable sector, in a truly interdisciplinary brainstorm.

Tune in to for streaming videos of presentations by some of the people that make this region such a hub of innovation:

  • Charles Derber, Sociologist and Author
  • Ronald Dixon, Physician
  • Peter Galison, Science Historian and Filmmaker
  • Lisa Genova, Author and Neuroscientist
  • Helen Greiner, Robotics Entrepreneur
  • Deb Roy, Cognitive Science Pioneer

More information at

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